83% of all malware infections could have been avoided, if the browser plugins had been updated in the first place. Please find below the scan results for your installed plugins:



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    This plugin has at least one security flaw that criminals can use to take control of your system and install harmful software. By clicking on the button you will reach the manufacturer site where you can update the plugin. The possibility that your system has already been compromised cannot be ruled out. As such, we suggest a complete scan with our Second Opinion Scanner.
    Our security update shows that the plugin has an update available. By clicking on the button you will reach the manufacturer site where you can update the plugin. Even if we can’t detect a gap in security, we would still recommend a complete scan with our Second Opinion Scanner for peace of mind.
    This is a plugin that we sadly can’t register with our online Security Check. This plugin is part of a piece of software already installed on your system. You can check if it is up to date directly with the manufacturer and install necessary updates if needed.
    Our Online Check has shown that the installed plugin is up to date. We recommend checking again every 4-6 weeks so that you don’t miss any important updates. After you have carried out all of the security updates recommended by our check, proceed to the next step to take part in our Cyber Vaccination.

After you have have taken all the steps in our Browser and Plugin Check and carried out all the necessary security measures, we offer Windows users our Cyber Vaccination as a next step.

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"Trust. But verify!" - Ronald Reagan

Due to the fact that anti virus solutions never give the gurantee of a 100% protection, computers will always run the risk of getting infected. According to our researches 32% of all compromised computers are running an up-to-date anti virus program. Therefore, we advise you to check your computer thoroughly with a "second-opinion-scanner".

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The scanners offered here provides you a Free Scan for a second opinion. They are designed to work alongside your existing security programs and to check if your measures taken provide a sufficient level of security.